Chris Holder, Director

Merton CS delivers strategic and operation business solutions to small and medium sized companies. Over the last 10 years Merton CS has provided advice and guidance in a number of areas including the building, financial, manufacturing, arts, entertainment and sporting industries


Areas of Expertise:


  • Audits – Quarterly audits to organisations that either outsource their IT support or have junior IT staff supporting the organisation


  • Procurement – Providing companies with guidance through the procurement of IT solutions to ensure they are getting the appropriate advice and technology from third party suppliers


At Merton we have access to an experienced network of experts that we use to ensure we deliver exceptional results including web programmers, database analysts, documentation writers and system administrators. We make sure we partner you with the correct resource to deliver your required outcome.



Chris Holder has worked in senior business management roles for the last 15 years. Starting as a software engineer delivering telemetry solutions to the chemical, avionics and resources industry he moved into IT management roles for British Telecom and Harrods. From here Chris moved to work in the English Premier League for Fulham Football Club.


Moving to Australia Chris worked for Boeing and the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. During this time Chris set up Merton CS to provide advice to sporting and entertainment organisations around commercial online strategies, data collection and information technology. From here Merton CS grew and now has clients across a number of industry sectors including, Retail, Finance, Entertainment, Executive Training and Building.